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Jardesign A320 CFM Main sound pack

image Jardesign A320 CFM Main sound pack
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Simulator version:
XP11 XP12
Blue Sky Star
Jardesign A320

This sound pack is designed for use with JARDesign A320 only.

This pack features all sounds that are present in real aircraft - inside and outside. All sounds are recorded from real aircraft with the help of our real time pilots and ground personnel. Then the sounds are digitally mastered as to remove unneeded ambient noise and carefully placed to corresponding location (real life source) of A320 model by JAR. Since we started to work on the new sound system, JARDesign group has been helping us and improving It’s aircraft systems to the real A320 prototype so you fellas can enjoy the systems and sounds that correspond to exactly what particular system is doing at the moment.

All real hydraulic logic, you will hear hydraulic pumps where, when suitable and the at the same volume, depending on your location in aircraft (outside and inside)
Real life PTU logic. Yeas it will "bark" but only when it should bark (as to A320 manuals)
Real life conditioning system inside and outside, depending on location in aircraft.
The sounds of packs are different inside from what you hear outside. We have it.
Avionics air coming out from avionic bay, and of course inside, with logic to blower overrides etc. All mastered to the same levels as in real aircraft.
All sounds are location dependent. You will not hear the cockpit sounds in cabin and vice versa.
All switches, buttons, selectors, handles, levers are carefully mapped and all sound like in real thing. Every location is mapped, every button sound is sourced where it supposed to be.
Many more.

CFM56-5 series turbofan engines:
Pre-recorded from real aircraft and modeled according to the real phases of CFM56 turbine.
Tested by pilots and by musicians of course. Only music ears can hear the true difference in pitch and volume change.
N1 and N2 modeled separate, you will hear fan sounds (N1) when needed, and you will hear much faster responder - N2 (the compressor). JAR team has reworked the engine logic especially for our sound pack.
All engine sounds are different depending on location - front, mid, back, inside and outside all 360, everything has its own corresponding sounds.
Real vibration brought to you by lows and highs, feel yourself inside real aircraft!
Ambient Sounds:
You will hear gear noises, speed brake noises, flap noises, ultimate real wind sound, touchdown sounds, vibration and many more. Depending on your location in aircraft.
You will hear never released before braking sound at high speed. Yes, brakes do sign, tarmac rolling sounds, even the vibration of compartments.
Ambient ramp sound, that is different from when you are located inside or outside of aircraft, passengers and terminal noises.
To many others to list.

Simulator version
XP11 XP12
Blue Sky Star
Jardesign A320
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