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Jrollon CRJ200 sound pack

image Jrollon CRJ200 sound pack
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Simulator version:
Blue Sky Star
CRJ 200

Sound Pack for the CRJ-200 by Javier Rollon - Will not work for other aircraft
This pack was carefully made with help of real world pilots on the CRJ200 type. All sounds corresponding to real aircraft 1 to 1. Everything that is in real aircraft is modeled.

New Version 2.6
Tons of new features: See the version history tab
All switches/buttons, pushbuttons, selectors, levers
Correct Electrical system with self tests on init.
Relays on bus change
Eicas warnings/cautions
Avionic power up
Avionic air inside/outside,
Avionic air sound depending on if door is open/closed
Hydraulic system fully programmed - all hydraulic pumps work and have specific locations of sound as they would in real aircraft.
ACMP system fully modeled, AC motor pumps come on when flaps are other than 0 position with either of IDG connected
ACMP modulating sound when flight controls move to the full position
ACMP autoshut sound
Flaps inside outside separate sounds, hydraulic sound of starting and finishing position
Complete bleed system just like in real CRJ
Air sounding through closed/partially closed vavles resulting in hissing sound under certain conditions
Outside/inside pack turbine sound, dependent on airflow
CDU buttons
Throttle all positions sound, detend, relock, unlock for each throttle.
Systems test aurals
GPWS test aurals
Oxygen test
People boarding sound
Airport surround sound
Fire test
Stall/shaker test
Standby instruments rattle sound
Passengers talking sound on demand
Autopilot sounds.
Wiper sounds
Rain internal/external
General Electric CF34 turbines made exactly with tones and volumes of the real prototype
Internal/External 360 degree sounds
Landing gear, flight controls
Landing gear/main gear rolling dependent on speed
Front landing gear rattle in air sound
Gear up/down sounds
Gear air sounds when extended
Spoiler air sound
Touchdown internal external all three gears dependent on how hard you touchdown
Wind sound
Turbulence sound (coming up)
Apu all 360 internal external
Apu exhaust sound
Apu dependent on open closed door
Much more....

Simulator version
Blue Sky Star
CRJ 200
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