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Soundpack for Aerosoft A320-21 ASC+CFM

image Soundpack for Aerosoft A320-21 ASC+CFM
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Simulator version:
This pack features all sounds that are present in real aircraft - inside and outside. All sounds are recorded from real aircraft with the help of our real time pilots and ground personnel. Then the sounds are digitally mastered as to remove unneeded ambient noise.
Simulator version
Some of the Main Features: - Cabin Cockpit and External, all have corresponding sounds. - CFM56 recorded from real A320 inside and outside, cockpit and cabin 360 degrees with professional recording hardware. - Pitch and volume data from real CFM56 - Cabin sounds differ from aft or front of aircraft - Fans and core/compressor sounds are separate and modeled to work as in real aircraft - External 360 degrees engine sounds with respect to all it's music - Simulated air noise on spool up - Reverse sound - Changed packs external volume to match real A320 pack volumes - More pronounced compressor vibrassion/bass during throttle down - Realistic volume for cockpit engine start/shutdown - More realistic spoilers volume - Correct wind sound for cockpit and cabin - Gear up and down sounds enhanced with gear doors closing thud sound - Changed APU sound and volume is corrected - Real chime sounds, boarding, people talking during boarding inside cabin and inflight - More pronounced hydraulic sounds - Internal startup/shutdown cabin, cockpit and external 360 degrees - PTU custom real sounds AND MUCH MORE!
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