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Soundpack for JARDesign A320 IAE V2500

image Soundpack for JARDesign A320 IAE V2500
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Simulator version:
X-plane 10/X-plane 11
X-plane-10/11, aircraft JARDesign A320
This expansion pack is designed for use with JARDesign A320 only. In order for expansion pack to function, you need:
Blue Sky Star Simulations JARDesign A320 FULL
All sounds are recorded from real aircraft with help of ground staff and real pilots
Simulator version
X-plane 10/X-plane 11
X-plane-10/11, aircraft JARDesign A320


  • All switches, selectors, knobs, pushbuttons and levers throughout the plane, everything that moves or sounds.
  • Avionics sounds with correct logic in and out of plane - avionics bay exterior
  • Blower sounds on/armed/off
  • Battery sounds with relays clicking on start and shut
  • Ac/DC relays sound, with correct logic
  • A/T disconnect aural sound
  • Custom wipers sounds 2 speeds and retract
  • Vent air
  • Gaspers sounds
  • Throttle levers sounds (all phases and detends)
  • Tray table sounds
  • No smoking/seat belts correct sounds
  • Cockpit seat adjustment sounds
  • Separate packs sounds internal/external/pack turbine sounds in bay, through out the plane with correct logic. Air volume depending on source and power. High/low flow simulation.
  • Oxygen flow test sounds.
  • Hydraulics in and out sounds with correct logic, tied to real aircraft systems
  • Correct PTU logic by FCOM
  • Cockpit aurals
  • Optinal real ATC playback over 40 minutes of recording
  • Optional Passenger sounds playback with hit of button
  • Toilet flush sound with hit of button
  • Fuselage "singing" sounds when flying fast.
  • Custom wind sounds, all from real plane and correct speed logic.
  • Turbulence sounds, shaking of panels, compartments depending on how drastic turbulence really is. Light/moderate/severe all separate sounds
  • Correct Flap sounds (can be heard in cabin by the wings)
  • Self tests sounds
  • All doors opening/closing sounds
  • Passenger boarding sound
  • Airport external sounds (when front left door open)
  • Cargo doors operation sounds
  • Gpu sounds and much more
  • Internal/external rain sounds when present
  • Spoilers sounds
  • and much more...


  • 131-9A APU by Honeywell
  • External/internal Start, Run and stop sounds
  • Ignition sounds
  • Exhaust sounds
  • Fuel injection sounds
  • Real aircraft apu logic - inside you can only hear it at aft cabin
  • Apu bleed sounds


  • Brake sound logic
  • Multiple aircraft groundroll sounds, dependant on speed
  • Touchdown sounds with separate sounds for each of three gears
  • Touchdown external sounds
  • Multiple sounds dependant on how hard you touchdown (sft, hard normal landing)
  • Gear up/down separate sounds
  • Landing gear moving sound
  • Front gear rattle sound
  • Front gear stopping in bay sound
  • Gear doors closing/opening sound
  • Gear lock sound
  • Gear wind sound depending on speed when extended
  • and much more


CFM International CFM56-5 series
  • All recorded from real aircraft
  • All phases are measured by notes and tones
  • All volumes are measured by multiple run-up videos with help of ground staff
  • N1 and N2 modeled separate, you will hear fan sounds (N1) when needed, and you will hear much faster responder - N2 (the compressor). JAR team has reworked the engine logic especially for our sound pack.
  • All engine sounds are different depending on location - front, mid, back, inside and outside all 360, everything has its own corresponding sounds.
  • Real vibration brought to you by lows and highs, feel yourself inside real aircraft!
  • Air rush sounds when starting
  • Engine start/stop sounds internal
  • Engine Start/stop external
  • Motoring sound
  • Fan blades windmilling sound
  • Reverse sounds
  • External sounds all 360
  • Exhaust sounds
  • Real vibration that you can hear when about 40% N1
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